Wellsbi helps you take control of your benefits

Everything at a glance

Track your benefits, coverages and claims, all in one place, all in real–time.

Your care circle and history

Build your team of care providers & track your care history.

Digitized insurance ID card

Access your insurance card on your phone.

Personalized checklist

We’ll create a step-by-step approach to get you in control of your health plan benefits.

Learn the vernacular

We’ll teach you the basics of PPOs, FSAs, EOBs, SBCs and other healthcare jargon.

Understanding your claims

We’ll break down your claims and explain who owes who what, and why.

Secure document storage

Securely store your important healthcare documents in one place.

Tax-advantaged health accounts

We’ll help you best use your pre-tax dollars.

Mobile check-ins

Check in to your doctor’s visit and we’ll track it going forward.

How it Works

Create your Wellsbi account

Connect your insurance account

Start managing your benefits!

For Employers, Brokers, or TPAs:

If you’re interested in our benefits management platform, contact us at karim@wellsbi.com and we’ll be in touch.

About Us

We’re a team of technologists who want to help people be more informed and make better healthcare decisions. We’re not brokers. We don’t sell you products, and we don't sell your data. Period.

Our mission is to build a digital health insurance benefits platform that’s intuitive, unbiased, and indispensable.



Karim Naraghi

Co-Founder & CEO

As the CEO of Wellsbi, Karim is responsible for setting the vision and strategy of the company and brings more than 15 years of technology and executive management experience. Prior to co-founding Wellsbi, Karim was VP of Business Development at LearnVest, a leading financial services technology platform, acquired by Northwestern Mutual in 2015. Previously, Karim led business development efforts for a variety of business units at AOL. Karim is a graduate of MIT Sloan and the University of Texas at Austin.


Hrishi Dixit

Co-Founder & CTO

As the CTO of Wellsbi, Hrishi is responsible for leading and architecting the Wellsbi technology platform and brings nearly two decades of experience in technology architecture and management. Prior to co-founding Wellsbi, Hrishi was the Founding CTO of LearnVest where he architected and built the core platform and led the company’s engineering teams as the platform scaled nationally. Previously, Hrishi was the co-founder of Gordian Labs, a boutique software development firm specializing in fin-tech and startups. Hrishi is a graduate of Cornell University with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Computer Science.

Open Positions

Interested in joining us?

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